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Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Cartosat-1 is a along-track stereo mission. The DEM generated using the stereo images of Cartosat-1 with 1 arc sec (~30m). Thanks Ghosh for sharing the technical document of CartoDEM version I hope that the version has a better vertical resolution and we are not sure about. Download scientific diagram| Difference in elevation between CartoDEM and SRTM from publication: Validation of Indian National DEM from Cartosat-1 Data.

NRSC/ISRO Open data and product archive facilitates the user to select, browse and download data from this portal. Select Category: Satellite/Sensor Theme/. Keywords: Digital Elevation Model (DEM); Cartosat-I; Leica Photogrammetry suite(LPS); CartoDEM. 1. Introduction. A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a. This paper evaluates the suitability of DEM derived through Cartosat-1 satellite stereo data(CartoDEM) for hydrologic parameter estimation of microwatersheds.

Assessment of freely available CartoDEM V1 and VR1 with respect to high resolution aerial photogrammetric DEM in high mountains. Vertical accuracy evaluation of SRTM-GL1, GDEM-V2, AW3D30 and CartoDEM- V of m resolution with dual frequency GNSS for lower Tapi Basin India. Carto DEM, SRTM knowledge and ASTER DEM at the sub-catchment scale and assess the sensitivity of the DEMs to hydrological modelling and their results. Hydrologic analysis of microwatersheds is essential for water resources planning at large scale. Space based input for decentralized planning at panchayat.