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Zhao liang petition

Directed by Liang Zhao. It is a fantastic documentary about Chinese govt's systemic oppression and persecution towards ordinary folk who petition the. From there, she makes her daily trek to the Petition Office. It is a hopeless case, as are those of many of the other complainants whom filmmaker Zhao Liang. Zhao Liang's “Petition,” a brave and wrenching new documentary from China, takes a bottom-up view of the cruel and absurd ways that lofty.

PETITION (The Court of Complaints). Direction. Zhao Liang. Screenplay. Zhao LIANG. Dir. of Photo. Zhao LIANG. Editing. Bruno BARWISE, Sylvie BLUM, Shun . February 1. Petition by Zhao Liang. Beneath the radar of the feverish economic boom transforming mainland China, an underground revolution is taking place in . prostatement.com: Zhao Liang Collection (Petition / Crime and Punishment / Paper Airplane): Zhao Liang, Zhao Liang Collection - 3-DVD Box Set (Shangfang).