Manchester united hooligans pub download

Manchester united hooligans pub

Shocking footage shows football fans clashing outside Ancoats pub Manchester United hooligans hurl bottles, throw punches and goad rival. Two years ago a firm of United hooligans went on the rampage in the the Waldorf pub new Piccadilly train station in Manchester's city centre. “The United fans were trying to get into our pub at the handful of City fans. Manchester United and Liverpool football hooligans jailed after this shocking Old Trafford brawlA huge brawl erupted after Liverpool fans unfurled a.

A NOTORIOUS Manchester United hooligan is working at a hotel Football's management to work in the bar and as security on match days. Manchester United fans seemingly intent on violence had golf balls, darts taken from them as the dark spectre of football hooliganism returned. The Daily Mail reports that a hooligan group of Brugge fans descended on the Charlie Rockets pub where a number of United supporters had.