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Frequently Asked Questions

How is ProStatement different than other statement mailing providers?
Choose us for following reasons;
  • One Stop Shop for all your Patient Financial needs (Statement Mailing & Early out services/Self Pay Collection Services)
  • Electronic Statement Delivery
  • Online/Office/On-Call payments
  • Access to current, archived statements and payment history
  • Online Receipts
How should I enroll?
It's simple and easy; opt out from multiple options
  • Fill our online enrollment form at www.prostatement.com
  • Call our Toll Free # 855-663-8800 and a professional will walk you through enrollment process
  • Submit our online enquiry form at www.prostatement.com and a professional will call you back and walk you through enrollment process
How much time it will take to submit my first statement file?
You can upload your first file as soon as you have completed online enrollment form if your PM application is already mapped with us. However, at times mapping to a new application takes 2 to 8 hours.
How much does your service costs?
We are open and transparent with our pricing model. Visit our PRICING section to find current pricing for all services. You can always write to us on sales@prostatement.com for any questions.
Are there any account maintenance charges?
No, there are no account maintenance charges from Prostatement.
How will you invoice me?
You will be billed on a monthly basis for the total or e-statements and statements we have mailed for you. We will charge your card if you are a autopay customer 7 days after releasing the invoice. You can send us the checks with 30 day Net post which 1% late payment fee will be charged on all open invoices.
Will there be a security deposit?
During the enrollment process we will request you to provide expected number of statements you will be sending to us on monthly basis. We will charge your card for a security deposit (expected number X $0.47) for the costs of stamp. The security deposit amount is 100% refundable at the time of termination of services.
Is there a lock-in period or yearly contract?
No, there is no lock-in period or yearly contract. You can use our services as long as you want. We will keep your account active for three months after receiving the last statement file from your end post which the account will be moved to suspended mode. There will be minimum non-refundable fees of $25 to reactivate your account.
How can I terminate my contract?

You can terminate your contract anytime by sending an email to support@keizersolutions.com or by calling us at our toll free number 855-663-8800.

How can I pay my invoices?

You can view and pay your invoices through your dashboard at www.prostatement.com. You can view all archived invoices, payment history and current outstanding balance on the dashboard.

What all is FREE in first month? Do I need to pay for anything?

We will charge you only for the cost of stamps in first month which means presorting, address verification, bar coding, zip+4, envelops (including return envelop), printing, stuffing and mailing out is absolutely free.

Is there a restriction on number of statements I can upload in first month?

No there is no restriction on the number of statements you can upload in first month. Your security deposit will be recalculated if the number of statements uploaded are more than expected number of statements recorded during enrollment process.

What is the cut-off time to mail out the Statements?

The cut off time is 10 AM EST. All statements uploaded on www.prostatement.com will be mailed out same day. Any statement received after 10 AM EST will be mailed out the following day.

Do you print statements in different colors?

Currently we provide option of sending statements with different colors (black, blue and red).

Can I add customized messages to my statements?

You can also add customized messages to individual or batch statements before approving and submitting the file for printing.

What are various options by which my patients can pay?

Your patients can pay online at www.mystatementlink.com . They can view current and archived statements along with payment history at this dedicated patient portal. Your patients can also pay on call by calling our toll free number 855-663-8800. Other payment options are paying in office or through e-checks.

Will my patients be able to pay online through mobile?

Yes, our site www.mystatementlink.com is completely optimized to accept online payment from your patients.

Where does payment made by patients go?

All patient payment will directly be deposited into your account. We do not collect any payment from patients on your behalf. You can also download daily, weekly or monthly payment reports from the dashboard at www.prostatement.com

How can I contact you?

You can visit our contact us section on www.prostatement.com and choose your preferred method to connect with us.

Whom should I contact for escalation?

Below is our escalation matrix;

Level 1 : support@keizersolutions.com
Level 2 : support2@keizersolutions.com
Level 3 : support3@keizersolutions.com

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes, we are 100% HIPAA compliant.

Who owns ProStatement and Mystatementlink?

www.prostatement.com and www.mystatementlink.com are owned by Keizer Solutions Inc.

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